miniramp judgement 
The battle of the greatest miniramp!

All facts are directly from the source/builder of the ramps. However some comments are totally subjective and under the influence of al***ol.

/ Henke

Anders// Uffe // Comment

1. Tranny: 170 // 175 // both lushesly tight, but almost the same. No points.

2. Height: 110 // 110 // yes, people from sweden tend to do as the other guy did. Still no points.

3. Width: 420 // 475 // oh yes, first point goes to Uffe! We like it wide. Always.

4. Coping: 60 rusty // 60 rustless // nicking the coping from fryshusets scrapped miniramp will get you no points Anders. point goes to Uffe.

5. Riding surface: wira // wira // come on!! No points for being swedish.

6. Color: outdoor furniture brown // Falured // Uffe scores again! I am hoping for white corners to next summer (and maybe a miniature flagpole).

7. Plateau: Yes, with fence // yes, a slim one // first point to Anders, congrats!

8. Public transport available: yes, bus 444 // hell no! // Being a city boy pays, point to Anders.

9. Grill'nsk8: no // yes! // Uffe knows how to throw both a party and a burger!

10. Smell of manure: nope // yes // The smell of shit is not way favorable (although ok if mixed with the scent from grilled hamburgers). point to Anders.



Uffe is the winner by 1 point! Guess the Grill'nsk8 made all the

Comments by Uffe: Jag visste att ponnyridningen skulle ge pluspoäng!

Comments by Anders: Du prioriterade ju bort mitt grillparty förra året så va fan gnäller du för??