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      • OldBastards new home!

        While waiting for all the pictures (both moving and stills coming up) from Vertattack 4, check out the new Blog from OldBastards Malmö .

      • It's on!

        Sergeant Magnusson says ''Hey ho let's go you MF''. Photo from Bryggeriet.

      • X2000 08:40

        Putte and Dave did actually make it to the train bound for Malmö and Vertattack 4!

      • OBS OBS OBS !!!!
        Nya tågtider! 09:21 tåget inställt
        Uffe gänget åker 07.21
        Macki gänget åker 08:21
        Vi kommer att försöka kontakta alla.

      • Only 2 days left until VERT ATTACK IV

        Here's a few pics from VERT ATTACK III

      • Pre Vert attack session

        Monday session with just a few days left to Vert attack, and the level was high. klick here for some pics

      • Vertattack4 - themesong!

        On Friday the warmup starts, and on Saturday it all takes place - until then, enjoy the Vertattack 4 themesong written by "Doc"!
        Full schedule at Bryggeriet homepage, Here .

      • Last day of Skate in Cali...

        ...last Thursday and of course it was raining so it was off to Vans indoor park again.

        Not to many there but got a few good pics of Bennett Harada (rides for Santa Monica Airlines) check them out here.

      • Vert Attack 4 - testing the new ramp

      • MachoTailDrop...

        OK, you have seen the trailer somewhere else already....But still a must see movie!

      • Check out skateanddestroy.de

        who's who - John Magnusson

      • Casa Surf Project

        Ever thought it’d be cool to sleep in a gallery surrounded by world class art? How about having a skateboard mini bar in your room or faux grass, vintage lawn chairs and a fondue set for a picnic in your suite? Surf’s up in Laguna Beach at the La Casa del Camino Hotel. Ten suites in ten

      • Vans Combi Bowl

        Well then... there's not been to many entries from my LA trip. Total wash out with rain for the last 4 days. Been filling time with traveling around to different places in the rain, sucks :-(

        At last some more pics

        Thanks Christian Hosoi, Kristopher Reeves and

      • Chris Miller interview!

        Check out the Chris Miller interview by Ozzie Ausband over at Bluetileobsession.com.
        Read all about it here.

      • Old Bastards session!

        Old Bastards Malmö! In this video you´ll get a view of the newly rebuilt vert. And mr Svensson & Handell ripping it! Just 10 days left now....VertAttack4.

      • Santa Cruz skatepark

        Here are a few pics from the Santa Cruz skatepark. Damn good park by the way.

      • Quebradillas, Puerto Rico

        Pretty good place is Puerto Rico. Sun, sand, surf and skate parks... couldn't be better.

        Check some pics out here

      • Saturday vert session at Stockholm sk8 park

        Any Saturday when Stockholm sk8 park is open you can rely on it, there will be a vert session. So here you have som pictures from today. If you want to see klick HERE

      • Another vote please!

        In Skarpnäck in the suburbs of Stockholm there is a Streetplaza project that has been ongoing for sometime now. In order to get the place lightened up during night, click the the link and place your vote! No multiple choices or anything, just one click!

      • Some inspiration.....

        Some vertinspiration with Bucky Lasek from "this is my Element".

      • Woodward in Beijing...

        Check out the indoorpark at the second half of this clip, Neal Hendrix with a couple of vertlines.

      • OhSo 99

        Another blockbuster from OhSoPrimitive. 99 tricks?

      • SVSOTY -09 Voting is on!

        And the nominated are... [more]

        Jocke Olsson - Malmö
        The highflying Jocke Olsson don't really need an introduction. He still is one of the best vertriders in Europe even though he is getting close to 40!

        Oskar Gydell - Hässleholm
        Landed his f

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